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August is Family Fun Month!

Did you know August is Family Fun Month? Well, it is and Harry’s Army Surplus is a family owned and run business, so we though it was the perfect month to support!

Family Fun Month is all about spending time with the ones you love and having fun. Families comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors! August is also a great month to spend time with family. You can enjoy the last bit of summer and the time before the kids go back to school. If you are looking for ideas on some fun family activities look no further, Harry’s has got you covered! Here’s a list of activities that are perfect for all types of families.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun, there are plenty of inexpensive and even FREE activities the whole family can do.

1 Spend the day at the park.

You can have a picnic, play Frisbee, play other outdoor games, and more. If you are headed to a Dog Playing Frisbeestate park there may be a beach to relax on and you may even be able to bring the furry members of the family. Most parks have beach volleyball courts as well, so depending on the number of people at your gathering, you could start up a volleyball match. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to spending time at the park.

2. Go to a museum.

Van goughMany museums are starting to offer free or discounted admission on certain days or at certain times. The Detroit Institute of Arts offers residents on Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties free admission. If you aren’t located in the Detroit area, research your local museums to find out what the cost of their admission tickets are and if they offer any type of discount. Museums are great for rainy days, which Detroit has had plenty of this summer, and provides a cultural learning experience for everyone.

3. Organize a family game night.

You can take turns letting everyone pick their favorite game. For snacks, before the games get Game Nightstarted everyone can get their favorite snack. If people are over 21 then making everyone’s favorite drinks is also an option. Having a game night allows for some healthy competition and clean fun. This could also be a night where the little kids get to stay up just a little bit later than normal or they are allowed to eat their favorite candy. Whatever way you organize it, a game night is sure to be fun.

If you do have some extra cash to spend, you can find some really awesome activities for the whole family.

Amusement Park1. Go to an amusement park.

Amusement parks are a ton of fun especially for kids. With everything from the rides, to the characters dressed up in costume, to the food available, there will be something to please just about everyone. Water parks are also great options, especially for the people who just can’t handle roller coasters. Whichever one you go with, they both have areas specific to the little ones with age appropriate rides and attractions as well as the thrilling rides meant for the older folk.

2. Go catch a baseball game.

Baseball season is in full swing and tickets are typically easy to get. Many MLB parks have other Detroit Tigersattractions aside from the game. Comerica Park rides for kids as well as fireworks after certain games. The Tampa Bay Rays, who play at Tropicana Field have a 35 foot, 10,000 gallon tank called the Rays Touch Tank that contains live rays that were caught in the Tampa Bay area. You can buy ray food and the proceeds benefit the Florida Aquarium. 50 people are allowed in the tank area at once, but it is free to all people attending the game. Even if you are not located near a MLB team, minor league games are just as fun.

3. Take a road trip.

Road TripYou don’t have to go anywhere to far, but pick a place that the family has never been to. You guys can all experience a new place together and explore what that city has to offer. While you’re on the trip make sure to try new things, where it’s trying a new food or trying a new activity, you will be able to build memories from experiences like that.

It doesn’t really matter what you do this month, just make sure you dedicate some time to fun and your family. You can even take a family trip to Harry’s! We’ve got something for everyone!

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