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What is an MRE?

MRE stands for “Meal Ready to Eat.” MREs are field rations for soldiers in the US military forces. MREs are designed to meet a soldier’s nutritional requirements while away from bases. Each Meal provides approximately 1200 calories. As the name suggests the MRE requires little to no preparation. An MRE comes in a plastic pouch called retort packaging. The package is actually aluminum foil and plastic layered together.

An MRE pouch contains surprisingly good tasting food these days. It might contain chili, beef stew or even chicken strips. The food is already cooked, put into the pouch and the pouch is then sealed. While an MRE may be eaten cold, a Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) which uses water-activated thermal reaction allows many soldiers in the field to partake in a hot meal.

MREs must be able to survive parachute drops from 380 meters, and non-parachute drops of about 100 feet. The package must maintain a minimum shelf life of three and a half years at 81 degrees fahrenheit and a full nine months at 100 degrees fahrenheit. This is one reason that many people prefer to keep MRE packages as an essential part of a survival kit.

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