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Introducing Reebok Military Boots!

As many of you may already know, the very popular line of Converse boots has been discontinued. No need to worry, though, Reebok will carry boots that are very similar to the discontinued Converse styles so if you had a favorite Converse boot, make sure to take a look at the new Reebok boots!

Reebok Women's Rapid Response Side Zip Boot Reebok will carry various different styles of boots including military boots, tactical boots, and uniform boots for law enforcement officers, EMT’s, and security guards. Some of my favorite styles include the Reebok Rapid Response Military Boot featuring a composite toe boot that is airport friendly, lightweight, and protects your foot like the comparable steel toe boots.Reebok Men's Rapid Response Side Zip Composite Toe Boot

There is also a comparable version of the men’s rapid response boot for women. The Women’s Rapid Response Boot features many of the same characteristics as the men’s boot including being airport friendly and having a convenient side zipper. There are many other Reebok boots available at Harry’s, take a look and order a pair today!


What is a Jungle Boot?

Ever wonder what a Jungle Boot is and how they came to be used?  Here’s the scoop:

Before WW II, the United States armed forces fought in a number of battles in jungle terrain.  Jungle conditions involve constant exposure to water, sand, heat, insects, and infections and soldiers were not equipped to deal with this type of environment..  Boots were needed to be lightweight, durable, and quick drying.

Jungle Boot

Jungle Boot

The first jungle boots were made of canvas and rubber, used in the South Pacific during World War II. The first jungle boot went into production in 1942, to try to meet the needs for soldiers fighting in the pacific. It had a canvas upper and an attached tongue that kept out mud and insects. The ribbed rubber sole had good traction while a removable fabric insole kept the feet away from the rubber. At a later date, “panama sole” and “ridge sole” variations of the jungle boot were made.

The original jungle boot was lightweight and kept the feet and lower legs comfortable. It was easily cleaned and dried. However, it offered little support, causing soldiers to complain about of aching arches. The high canvas tops chafed at the legs, so it was common for soldiers to fold them over or cut them off. The boots were better than the standard military combat boot but still needed some improvements.

Since the 40′s, the jungle boot has come a long way. quality and fit have been majorly improved as well as cushion and support.  While jungle boots have been retired amongst American military personnel, they continue to be a popular choice for army personnel across the world.  Jungle boots have even resurfaced as a popular fashion item.  They are often referred to as “broes” and “brogaines.”

Converse Responds to Soldiers with New Desert Boot

Converse Desert Boots are well loved by soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan for their lightweight, flexible design.  One concern however was that due to the rigors of everyday life in a war zone, greater durability is needed.  In Walks ‘Da Beast.’

Da Beast Converse Military Boot

Da Beast

The 9894 ‘Da Beast’ is the most indestructible Converse Military Boot yet. This  8” desert tan military boot is constructed with materials kick some serious butt. This includes the new “Road Grader” rubber outsole with rugged tractor lug design that wraps up around the sides; the new XTR composite toe with Xtra Toe Room and extra comfort; and the Converse Foot Force 2X insert with 33% more comfort because it’s 33% thicker and 33% softer.

Under the cover Da Beast Converse Desert Boot features a cement construction to increase durability and prevent sole separation.  This is a major improvement over the regular adhesive used on most non-stitched boots.

Converse Desert boots have long been a favorite amongst military for the lightweight, cushioned mobility that they offer. Da Beast C9894 is a major improvement to this tradition of highly functional, comfortable military boots.

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