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Picking Hiking Boots & Shoes

Hiking is a great pastime. It is a nice way to explore the environment while at the same time getting some fresh air and exercise. What you wear on your feet is the most important aspect of hiking. So many inexperienced hikers think that they can just throw on a pair of sandals, moccasins, or tennis shoes and head out for a day of walking.

Hiking Boots & Shoes

Choosing the right shoes for your hike can make or break the experience. The following are the most important things to consider when you are selecting hiking boots.

1. FIT. You must get a boot that fits well. One that offers you support in all areas. If you have a wide foot, then you need to purchase a wide shoe. The same goes for those with a narrow foot. A good fit will help prevent the aches and pains that will end your hike prematurely.

2. PROTECTION. Your tennis shoes may be comfortable but they will not protect you in the same way that a hiking boot will. You want to make sure that you choose a boot that covers your entire foot and ankle. These boots should also have a sturdy sole. As you walk, you may encounter sticks, poison ivy or oak, and even an occasional snake. Full protection is key to selecting a hiking shoe.

3. WATERPROOF. Water is one biggest issue you are likely to encounter when hiking. Wet feet not only can affect your body temperature but can also cause unnecessary soreness and rubbing. When selecting a hiking boot or shoe, don’t just settle for water resistant. Instead choose a waterproof option instead. They will likely cost a bit more but you will find they provide endless comfort even when wet.

4. STYLING. Some worry about how their boots will look. Choosing the right style means getting a quality boot. Selecting a boot with strong laces, at least ankle high, and with little to no heel will serve you best. Choosing a style that is dark in color and made of a sturdy material will help to ensure that they remain in good condition for a long time.

Selecting the right hiking boot is important. Even if you only hike occasionally or are just getting into it, the right shoe is imperative. Honestly, purchasing a good hiking boot is the best investment you will ever make.

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