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Tips for Winter Storm Preparedness, Take Winter by Storm!

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and it’s starting with a bang. Winter Storm Draco is currently pounding the Midwest and heading Michigan’s way, so we thought putting together some tips to help make it through the upcoming winter storm season would be helpful!

The first step in being prepared for winter is making sure your winter wardrobe is up to par. The clothing  and footwear industry has made significant strides in developing new technologies and designs to help improve warm and performance in the winter. Columbia Sportswear is one of our favorite winter brands and with everything from electric boots that heat your feet with rechargeable batteries, great layering pieces like hoodies and fleece pullovers, to winter coats featuring insulation and silver linings that reflect bodyColumbia Coat Lining heat, you are sure to stay warm.  Other brands such as, Carhartt , also offers top notch winter wear that is durable enough for a construction site and can last for years.

The second step for winter preparedness would be to make sure your home is prepped with some basic survival gear, in case you get snowed in or lose power. Having extra water one hand is a must. Cases of water bottles can often be hard to store so try out a case of emergency water rations. Each case contains 64 sachets, with 4.227 ounces in each Water Packetpacket. The water has been purified and has a 5 year shelf life. You’re sure to get hungry during a blizzard and if you’ve lost power, most of what you have in your fridge would spoil, so  survival food bars or ready to eat meals would be a great thing to have in your cabinet. Flashlights and candles are also necessary to have as a light source.

The final step to be completely prepared for winter is to prep your car. I know from first hand experience driving in a blizzard is not fun and can be quite dangerous. In the unfortunate case that you get into an accident, your car breaks down, or you need to pull off the road because  you can’t see, make sure you have everything you may need. A pre-made kit is a great option for your car or home because it can be easily stored in the backseat or in the trunk. One of our favorite picks is the Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit by Coghlan’s. This kit includes a variety of first aid materials, disposable hand warmers, emergency ponchos, survival candles, and more. Blankets are always handy to have in the car. You can chose between the reflective emergency blanket or go with a thick, heavy wool blanket….or go with both to be ultimately prepared. blanket

Some of you may think being this prepared is extreme, but if you live in an area that has the potential for winter storms, then being this prepared will be beneficial in the long run. This was just a few tips and suggestions,so check out our whole selection of survival gear at Harry’s to create your very own emergency preparedness kit!

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