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How to Survive Doomsday 2012-Mayan Apocalypse

December 21st is drawing near! How many of you are prepared for the Mayan Apocalypse? Here are the top 10 bug out bag essentials you will need to survive the Mayan Apocalypse!

1) Advanced Mountaineering Tactical Backpack

First off, you’re going to need one of our tactical backpacks to store all of your survival supplies. We recommend the Advanced Mountaineering Tactical Backpack, made out of tough ballistic nylon and features two aluminum frame stays for added support when carrying heavy loads.  This mountaineering bag is MOLLE compatible, so all of your essential gear can be attached to the outside of the pack.

Now, what do you need to go inside that awesome tactical backpack?

2) Ka-Bar Becker Companion Knife

You’re going to want a versatile knife to add to your survival kit; this Ka-Bar Companion Drop Point Knife is the perfect one. Made from 1095 Cro-Van steel with a drop-point blade, the Ka Bar utility knife can puncture and slice, whether you’re hunting, chopping, or slicing material. Made in the USA, the Ka-Bar Companion is a quality blade, with an overall length of 10.5 inches, and a blade length of 5.25″ inches. The drop point blade of the Ka Bar tactical knife is just about a quarter of an inch thick, for a smooth and effective cut.

 3) Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

KA BAR Knife

A survival fire starter is another great item to throw in that tactical backpack. This Gerber Bear Grylls  Fire Starter features watertight construction that keeps tinder safe and dry, so when you need it, you can trust it.

4) Aquamira Tactical Frontier Water Filter 

Water filtration will be key to surviving the end of the world. This water filter allows you to filter water from any bottle, water bladder, cup, or directly from water sources. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use, this is the one to throw in your survival pack.

5) Survival Pod Paracord Zipper Pull 

The Survival Pod Paracord Zipper Pull is functional while also small and easily attached to your survival backpack.The paracord survival pod is made with two 4 foot strands of paracord that can be untied for use in times of need. The survival pod does not stop there. Inside the paracord pod are more tools to help you survive, making this superior to other paracord products. The 550 cord key chain features a 1 inch sharp eye hidden knife on the inside of the pod, perfect for cutting. The pod also features a 1 inch fire stick flint and a 6 inch jute firestarter. These compact tools will allow you build a fire to keep warm or to signal for rescue. The jute firestarter can also be used as tinder. The final piece to this survival kit is a 3-inch strip of duck tape. We all know that duck tape can fix anything!

 6) Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate First Aid Survival Kit

This fifteen piece first aid kit features a Gerber miniature multi-tool with needle nose Gerber Survival Kitpliers, wire cutters, fine edge knife, serrated knife, Phillips screwdriver, small flat driver, medium flat driver, lanyard ring, bottle opener and tweezers. The first aid survival kit comes in water proof bag with miniature lights, hand saw, signaling mirror, survival blanket, fire starter, waterproof matches, cotton ball, fire tinder, snare wire, emergency cord, waxed thread, fishing kit and sewing kit.

7) Waterproof All Weather Survival Emergency Blanket

This survival blanket is waterproof, windproof and compact enough to roll up into your bag. The emergency blanket provides comfort and protection from the elements, including moisture and water resistance.

 8) Six-Function Whistle Survival Tool

The Six-function Whistle has six survival tools that are essential. Besides a signal whistle, it has a compass and bright LED light. Also included in this one fantastic space saving tool is a thermometer and signal mirror. There is also a convenient lanyard and clip so the whistle is easy to carry with you. Batteries are included for the long life LED flashlight.

 9) Five in One Multi-Purpose Tool

The five-in-one tool is constructed with heavy steel, and includes attachments for a directional compass, an interchangeable shovel, a saw, an axe, and a pick. The set is black in color, and comes with a sleek nylon carrying case, that is attachable to your belt.

10) Solar Powered 36 LED Lantern

Last but not least, you’ll need a light source to add to your survival pack. This solar powered lantern made to work when no other source of energy is available  features both solar power charging and hand crank power. The 36 super bright long life LED lights in this crank powered lantern can be powered for 2 hours after 8 hours of exposed sunlight or up to 20 minutes with every minute of using the hand crank. The solar powered lantern has two lighting modes, one with 18 LED bulbs to save energy, or all 36 LED lights for maximum lighting.

NASA may have debunked the Maya Apocalypse theory, but here at Harry’s Army Surplus, we think it’s good to be prepared just in case. Even if nothing happens on December 21, 2012, we always have to the approaching zombie apocalypse to prep for!

Five Great Boots for Fall and Winter

Whether you work in construction or are a police officer, you need a boot tailored to fit your specific needs. These needs also change as the seasons do. Working outside in the fall and winter means you have to deal with cool to freezing temperature and snow. Harry’s Army Surplus has the selection of boots you need to keep you warm and dry. Here are 5 boots that we think are great options.

1. Keen 1008212 Wenatchee Insulated Steel Toe Brown Work Boot

This leather work boot is perfect for anyone working construction needing a steel toe. This 8 inch brown work boot is full of great performance features and won’t let you down. This Keen boot comes with 400 grams of insulation that is sure to keep your feet warm. In addition, this insulated boot comes with a waterproof breathable membrane that will keep water and snow out of the boot, but will also allow water vapor caused by foot sweat to escape. The lining of the boot is also made up of moisture wicking fabric to help keep your feet dry. These waterproof boots have left and right asymmetrical steel toes to increase your comfort level.

2. Bates 2488 8 Inch GX-8 Gore-Tex Insulated Side Zip Tactical Boot

If you work in law enforcement or security, the Bates 2488 GX-8 insulated boot is just what you need on those cold winter days. Made of full grain black leather and ballistic nylon, these uniform boots are durable and lightweight. The athletic cut of this boot makes chasing after a criminal easy. The oil and slip resistant outsole will help keep you on your feet. These black duty boots come with a breathable, waterproof Gore-tex membrane to keep your feet dry. This membrane will keep water out of the boot, while allowing water vapor from sweat to escape. To keep you warm, Bates has added 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation.

3. Carolina CA7013 8 Inch Insulated Waterproof Leather Work Boot

If you are looking for a heavy duty work boot that can stand up to the elements, but you don’t need a steel toe, then you should definitely take a look at the Carolina CA7013. Carolina Boots has made sure these boots are comfortable by featuring cushioned footbeds and a supportive steel shanks. This Carolina work boot has a waterproof Scubaliner to keep your feet completely dry and for warmth, each boot has 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation. Other great features include a Vibram outsole, welt construction, and these boots are electrical hazard rated.

4. Lacrosse 367225 Safety Pac 1000 Gram Composite Toe Work Boot

For those of you looking for something a little more heavy duty than what we’ve listed so far this, boot is for you. The Lacrosse Safety Pac work boot is perfect for those of you operating machinery and working outdoors all winter long. This durable boot is made with full grain leather that has been treated with Hyper-Dri, which is a scent free, waterproof barrier that lines the entire boot for 100% protection. For warmth, each boot has 1000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, ensuring that your feet will stay toasty warm. The outsole was specifically designed for cold weather traction and debris release. The composite toe caps provide the same toe protection as a steel toe, but are non metallic and a lot lighter. This boot will definitely get you through the harshest of winters.

5. Danner 42919 Striker II Gore-tex 8 inch Black Insulated Uniform Boot

The Danner Striker II uniform boot without insulation has been one of our best selling uniform boots, and the insulated version is no different. The Danner 42919 comes with a waterproof, breathable Gore-tex membrane, which prevents water from getting into the boot, but allows water vapor from sweat to escape. The black leather boot comes with 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation for warmth. The 1000 denier nylon upper material is extremely abrasion resistant, is easy to clean, and improves breathability. This boot is built on a TERRA FORCE X Lite performance platform, which provides enhanced support, traction, and comfort. The outsole is oil and slip resistant ensuring you will stay on your feet. Overall this duty boot is one of the best on the market and you will not regret ordering it.

Harry’s Army Surplus has an extensive collection of work boots, uniform boots, and insulated boots online or in our store. Come on in and check out all we have to offer!

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