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Army On The Hunt For New Small Arms Weapon?

Have you been you been looking for a new handgun? You’re not alone! The Army is on the hunt for a new small arms weapon to replace the Cold War Era M9 9MM pistol. Gun and military enthusiasts alike have been a buzz speculating about what is going to replace the M9 so it makes perfect sense for Harry’sArmy M9 to chime in on this topic.

First off, why does the Army want to replace the M9? I’m sure the financially minded folks reading this are  muttering under their breath about trying to cut our spending and tend to the giant amount of debt this country has accumulated, but in all reality this switch could help save money in the long run, if the appropriate weapon is chosen. The M9, though the gun of choice decades, does not have the power, durability, and the accuracy the Army is looking for. According to surveys, soldiers just do not have confidence in this hand gun. Parts are also having to be replaced consistency.

Reports on websites like Military.com and in several military focused forums are saying that the Army is hosting an industry day July 29 to talk to gun makers about a new Modular Handgun System. I have yet to find any hard evidence that this is actually happening…nothing on the official Army website yet. If this is true, then they are not only looking to replace the gun, they want new everything including ammo and holsters for a complete upgrade.

Now to the big question…what are they going to replace the M9 with? Its hard to say really, many guns are being made with non metal parts and the Military is not a fan of that. They want something highly durable and made of metal. As of right now, the .357 Sig, .40 Smith & Wesson, and .45 ACP are all candidates. We aren’t sure if any of these are exactly what the Army is looking for, what do y’all think would be a great fit?

ALICE Gear and MOLLE Gear will carry that load

MOLLE Military Pack


What is ALICE and MOLLE? We all know the military loves acronyms, and we aren’t talking about beautiful women. When you need to carry a bunch of stuff, there are a few “names” to remember.

ALICE stands for All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. It consists of an equipment belt and suspenders that a variety of pouches (first aid, ammo) can be attached to with clips. A rucksack with metal frame known as an Alice Pack carries all that the soldier needs to survive in the field. This system was introduced in the 1970′s.

MOLLE is the latest system the military uses, Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (pronounced Molly). It was introduced in 1997 but saw greatest use after 9/11. MOLLE makes use of rows of PALS webbing, Pouch Attachment Ladder System to attach gear and pouches to packs, vests, and more. MOLLE gear is incredibly versatile and more people are utilizing this system, from military to police to EMTs.

Whether you are a Detroiter or abroad, Harry’s Army Surplus has the ALICE and MOLLE gear to help you carry that load. Check us out in-store or order online!

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