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Parachute Bag: for more than just parachutes!

The military parachute bag is one of our most popular military bags. It’s great for travel and transporting heavy items because of the heavy duty materials.  The heavyweight canvas makes this

Cargo Bag

parachute cargo bag extremely durable. Good for packing more than just parachutes, this bag measures 24″ X 15″ X 13″ and can fit all sorts of goodies. The reinforced web handles go from top to bottom and

the full length zipper is covered by a snap flap. This bag can withstand most anything you throw at it. This parachute bag is available in olive drab, black, navy, and coyote.

Buy your bag online at Harry’s Army Surplus in Metro-Detroit or online!

Father’s Day Sale Starts Today!

It’s almost Father’s Day and Harry’s Army Surplus is your Ultimate Father’s Day Store.  These Great Savings are good up until 6/20/2010.
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  • Moisture Wicking ICE Polo’s by Propper 25% off

In Store Only! So If you’re in the Metro Detroit Area, drop in and pick up some of these great savings for Dad.

Memorial Day Honors and Wishes 2010

On this memorial day, we’d like thank all of the Veterans who gave their lives to maintain our freedom here at home. You live in our hearts and minds. We’d also like to thank their families who have sacrificed so very much.

In addition though, it seems important that we remember those who are still alive and have come home to us somewhat worse for wear from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We honor your sacrifice and hope that your burden will be lifted with time.

We ran across these videos that we feel honor the true spirit of Memorial Day (click here)

What is an MRE?

MRE stands for “Meal Ready to Eat.” MREs are field rations for soldiers in the US military forces. MREs are designed to meet a soldier’s nutritional requirements while away from bases. Each Meal provides approximately 1200 calories. As the name suggests the MRE requires little to no preparation. An MRE comes in a plastic pouch called retort packaging. The package is actually aluminum foil and plastic layered together.

An MRE pouch contains surprisingly good tasting food these days. It might contain chili, beef stew or even chicken strips. The food is already cooked, put into the pouch and the pouch is then sealed. While an MRE may be eaten cold, a Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) which uses water-activated thermal reaction allows many soldiers in the field to partake in a hot meal.

MREs must be able to survive parachute drops from 380 meters, and non-parachute drops of about 100 feet. The package must maintain a minimum shelf life of three and a half years at 81 degrees fahrenheit and a full nine months at 100 degrees fahrenheit. This is one reason that many people prefer to keep MRE packages as an essential part of a survival kit.

How to Use a Magnesium Fire Starter

Ever wonder how to use a magnesium firestarter?

Use a knife to scrape along the magnesium side of the fire starter. You want to scrape enough to have a small pile about the size of a quarter. Be careful so you keep the shavings in one spot. It helps to have a platform that will catch what you scrape. You can use a piece of wood, a piece or cardboard, or anything else that will help you keep everything together. Once you have a small pile of magnesium shavings, place your tinder next to it and have your kindling ready.

On the other side of the magnesium fire starter is the flint. You run your knife down this side to create a bunch of hot sparks. These hot sparks will ignite the magnesium shavings which will catch your tinder and kindling on fire. You may have to scrape the flint several times to get the magnesium shavings to ignite. It’s important to have enough tinder, kindling and larger pieces of wood available before you start. If you don’t have enough and your fire goes out, you will have to make another pile of shavings and start over. Practice learning how to use a magnesium fire starter before you need to use it in an emergency.  This is how you start a fire with a magnesium fire starter for camping or survival.

Coghlan Fire Starter Military Magnesium Fire Starter

Memorial Weekend Savings & Wishes

Click here to see a list of our Memorial Day email blast including:

  • Our wishes to you and yours this weekend
  • Some Videos on the Spirit of Memorial Day
  • New Products
  • Weekend Sales (in-store only)

4 Reasons Your Mother’s a Better Soldier Than You’ll Ever Be

Your mother’s one tough mother.

She put up with you after all.  Doubt it?  Read on.

Mom Kicks Butt

1. As a kid, your mother was always your Last Line of defense:

If you had siblings, don’t tell me you never uttered the words “I’m telling mom”

2. A good soldier’s always prepared:

Think about trying to leave the house with a multiple children: Diapers, Baby food, wipes, Kid #1, Kid #2, favorite toys, cheerios, etc, etc, etc…Phew!

3. Your drill instructor’s bark wasn’t nearly as mind numbingly loud and annoying as hers:

(You, your brothers and sisters that is)


You no longer eat dirt, you made it through grade school and you’ve finally started taking showers on a regular basis.  In short, you’ve (hopefully) become a reasonably well adjusted person and that was her job.

Love your mom, respect your mom and treat her well on mother’s day (and every day after that).  We at Harry’s Army Surplus would like to thank all of you moms out there for your years of loving service.

New Airsoft Guns Have arrived

We just received a new stock of Airsoft guns.  Shipments were delayed coming out of asia but over the next 60 days we expect to receive some very cool new guns.  Check out the airsoft section on our website to see all the geeky stats!  Also, make sure you drop in to see the guns.  A lot of the new guns have full metal assemblies and have a very realistic feel.  Your really going to love the Colt Rail Concept 1911 Full Metal green gas airsoft pistol.

Colt Rail Concept 1911 Airsoft Gun

Colt Rail Concept 1911 Airsoft Gun

Harrys Army Surplus