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Drink Water! 3 Reasons Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Take a knee and drink water! Stay hydrated! Drill Sergeant yelled this to us more times than I can remember. This advice is too important to overlook. It is really easy to succumb to heat illness and drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest and best ways to stay cool and safe, especially in the record-breaking heat a lot of our country has experienced this summer.  Hydration packs are excellent for soldiers, hikers, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who is looking for a hands-free way to deliver that delicious H2O. Venturer 2.5 Liter H2O PackHarry’s Army Surplus has a great selection of hydration packs with awesome features. We have packs with MOLLE straps for attaching your gear and even packs with extra storage and pockets so you don’t need to lug anything else on your back. Bite tubes make it easy to drink without worrying about opening and closing the tube with your hands. We stock packs in different colors and patterns, so you are sure to find something to strike your fancy. In store in Metro-Detroit or online, check out our selection and Stay Hydrated!

Klarus LED Flashlights

Whether you are a prepper, a survivalist, a believer in the zombie apocalypse or someone who just likes to be prepared for emergencies, having a flashlight in your kit of tools and weapons is a must. The flashlight you have also needs to be durable, reliable, and most importantly, it needs to be bright. A manufacturer named Klarus has successfully designed a line of lights with these characteristics in mind.

Klarus xt10 Flashlight

Klaus X10

Klarus is a leading manufacturer of state of the art illumination tools. They have employed experienced engineers and designers to create flashlights that meet the demands of law enforcement and military, but can also be used camping, spotting zombies, or during a power outage. These lights come in different sizes, lumen ranges, and have different light modes.

The Klarus X10 LED Tactical Flashlight is a perfect size flashlight that works well for use in military and law enforcement fields as well as being useful around the home. This tactical light has a maximum output of 470 lumens making it one of the brightest lights on the market. The X10 LED light has three light modes high (470 lumens). medium (150 lumens), and low (10 lumens), as well as a strobe mode at 470 lumens. The dual switch operation is easy to use and this awesome flashlight is waterproof and dust resistant.

The Klarus X10 is just one flashlight in a line full of great illumination tools. You really cant go wrong with any of the Klarus Flashlights. They are tough and reliable so you will not be disappointed. Their brightness is unmatched and you will never be caught off guard, whether its a zoombie in a dark corner or a spider in the crawlspace. Check out our selection flashlights online or in store!

Give the Gift of Self Defense

Truly unique gifts are a pleasure to give and receive. You may spend hours trying to decide what the perfect gift is for a special occasion. One of the best gifts is one that is useful while providing protection to your loved one.

Pepper Spray iPhone 4 Case

Pepper spray is a self defense tool that is necessary for almost everyone. Harry’s Army Surplus carries one of the most unique and useful pepper spray tools around. The Sabre Smartguard Pepper Spray iPhone 4 case allows recipients to protect their iPhones and themselves.

The iPhone 4 pepper spray case is an excellent gift choice for:

  • Students
  • Runners
  • Young People
  • Moms
  • Anyone at All!

One of the best ways for a person to protect him- or herself is to have self defense spray ready for would-be attackers. Unfortunately, many of the people who carry pepper spray either place it in a hard-to-reach location or completely forget to carry it. With the Pepper Spray iPhone case, self defense is always close at hand. Better still, even though the pepper spray baton is conveniently located, it is also secure. This means that the user runs practically no risk of an accidental spray.

Harrys Army Surplus