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Celebrate National S’mores Day 2013

August 10 is National S’mores Day! For me, s’mores evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking me back to those childhood memories of summer and camping. This Saturday is a great time to bring back those memories and create more. In a previous post, I had talked about adding fruit or dark chocolate to your s’mores to jazz them up, but in honor of S’mores Day, I have found some awesome recipes that will  blow your mind. Even if you aren’t camping or can’t have a bonfire, there are alternatives ways to celebrate!

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter S’moresChocolate Peanut Butter Smore

This decadent treat is sure to please. To make this, you are going to need chocolate wafers or chocolate graham crackers, peanut butter ( smooth or chunky, it’s up to you), and of course, marshmallows. Toast you marshmallow to your liking, I like mine burnt a bit. On one wafer place a glob of peanut butter, then take your toasted marshmallow and place it on top of the peanut butter. Place the second wafer on top and there you have a peanut butter chocolate s’more. I would have some napkins or paper towel on hand, as this could get a little messy.

Ginger Caramel Smores2. Ginger Caramel S’mores

Looking for a s’more with a little kick? This is the s’more for you. Aside from the marshmallow, you are going to need two gingersnaps and caramel filled chocolate square. My brand of choice would be Ghirardelli. Place your chocolate square on top of one of the gingersnaps then take your toasted marshmallow and put it on top. Place the other gingersnap on top of the marshmallow and you have a s’more with a little spice. This is my personal favorite…chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, and ginger….what more could you want?

3. Nutella Banana S’moresNutella Banana Smore

Love Nutella? Love s’mores? Then what could be better than combining the two to make a delightful desert? This s’more is definitely one you are going to want to try. You can use regular graham crackers or if you are looking for something more unique ( and more calories ) you can use peanut butter cookies. Toast your marshmallow as usual, and on one peanut cookie place a gob of Nutella on the flat side. You can use as much or as little as you want, just have some napkins on hand since Nutella tends to melt quickly. Once you’ve got your Nutella on there place a 2-3 pieces of sliced banana on top. Then comes your marshmallow and second cookie. This is a pretty over the top s’more, but here at Harry’s we believe in trying everything at least once….especially when it involves desert.

If you’re not going to be outdoors Saturday or can’t have a bonfire look up recipes for s’mores bars or s’mores brownies. There is even something called s’mores dip! Whatever you pick, just make sure a marshmallow is involved. If you need a fire starter to get that bonfire going or camp utensils Harry’s has what you need. Have a sweet weekend!

End of Summer Events in Michigan

It’s August so that means summer is coming to an end, but there is still time to enjoy some awesome summer time events in Michigan! There are a ton of events going on in Michigan this month, too many to talk about, so we’ve put together a smaller list of the most relevant and the most interesting events going on.

1. The National Blueberry Festival- South Haven, MI, August 8-11

This is the 50th anniversary of this even so it’s sure to be good! You will be able to buy almost anything related to blueberries, so if you are a blueberry lover, this is the event for you. There is a huge variety of activities going on at this festival. On Thursday, August 8, you can enjoy the Blueberry Pie Social and opening ceremonies. Friday you can enjoy sidewalk sales, Blueberry Central that has fresh blueberries, blueberry pies, and more. Saturday starts with a 5K & 10K walk/run, a blueberry pancake breakfast, and a blueberry cook off. To wrap things up, on Sunday, there is a classic car show, a sand sculpture contest, and the Blueberry Festival 50th Birthday Party! For a full list of events and activities check out the National Blueberry Festival website.

2. Ann Arbor Pet Fest- Ann Arbor, MI, August 10-11

Animal lovers will love this festival! This is the largest pet festival in southeastern Michigan. Admission to the festival is just $5 and kids under 10 get in for free. If your four legged friend is healthy, well mannered, and up to date on vaccinations, they are more than welcome to tag along. There are going to be a ton of vendors so you will definitely have the opportunity to shop. Pet trainers and pet health professionals will also be there to answer questions you may have. If you are looking to adopt a new family member there will be several different rescue groups showcasing adoptable dogs. Some of the rescues attending this event are Detroit Bully Corps, Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan, Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue, Michigan Weimaraner Rescue, and the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue. Adopting a pet from a rescue group is a very rewarding experience and you are giving that animal a second chance at life! Whether you are looking for a new pet, or you just want explore, this is a great festival for anyone who has a passion for animals. By visiting the Ann Arbor Pet Fest website, you view a full list of sponsors, exhibitors, and rescue groups.

3. Rock the Rapids- Comstock Park, MI, August 20-22

This is Grand Rapids’ original music festival! Hosted at Fifth Third Ballpark, this three day event will have some great music! On Tuesday, August 20, will have performances by Thompson Square, Brett Eldredge, and Drake White. The 21st you will have Daughtry and Lifehouse. To close this event, on the 22nd ZZ Top and Kenny Wayne Shepherd will be taking the stage. Tickets are still available for this event. For more info on tickets, lineups, and the venue check out click here.

There are many more events going on in the state this month so if you’re looking for something to do all you have to do is a little Google search and there will plenty of things to chose from! Don’t forget, Harry’s has got everything you need to to make those end of summer camping trips and hikes go smoothly.

August is Family Fun Month!

Did you know August is Family Fun Month? Well, it is and Harry’s Army Surplus is a family owned and run business, so we though it was the perfect month to support!

Family Fun Month is all about spending time with the ones you love and having fun. Families comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors! August is also a great month to spend time with family. You can enjoy the last bit of summer and the time before the kids go back to school. If you are looking for ideas on some fun family activities look no further, Harry’s has got you covered! Here’s a list of activities that are perfect for all types of families.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun, there are plenty of inexpensive and even FREE activities the whole family can do.

1 Spend the day at the park.

You can have a picnic, play Frisbee, play other outdoor games, and more. If you are headed to a Dog Playing Frisbeestate park there may be a beach to relax on and you may even be able to bring the furry members of the family. Most parks have beach volleyball courts as well, so depending on the number of people at your gathering, you could start up a volleyball match. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to spending time at the park.

2. Go to a museum.

Van goughMany museums are starting to offer free or discounted admission on certain days or at certain times. The Detroit Institute of Arts offers residents on Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties free admission. If you aren’t located in the Detroit area, research your local museums to find out what the cost of their admission tickets are and if they offer any type of discount. Museums are great for rainy days, which Detroit has had plenty of this summer, and provides a cultural learning experience for everyone.

3. Organize a family game night.

You can take turns letting everyone pick their favorite game. For snacks, before the games get Game Nightstarted everyone can get their favorite snack. If people are over 21 then making everyone’s favorite drinks is also an option. Having a game night allows for some healthy competition and clean fun. This could also be a night where the little kids get to stay up just a little bit later than normal or they are allowed to eat their favorite candy. Whatever way you organize it, a game night is sure to be fun.

If you do have some extra cash to spend, you can find some really awesome activities for the whole family.

Amusement Park1. Go to an amusement park.

Amusement parks are a ton of fun especially for kids. With everything from the rides, to the characters dressed up in costume, to the food available, there will be something to please just about everyone. Water parks are also great options, especially for the people who just can’t handle roller coasters. Whichever one you go with, they both have areas specific to the little ones with age appropriate rides and attractions as well as the thrilling rides meant for the older folk.

2. Go catch a baseball game.

Baseball season is in full swing and tickets are typically easy to get. Many MLB parks have other Detroit Tigersattractions aside from the game. Comerica Park rides for kids as well as fireworks after certain games. The Tampa Bay Rays, who play at Tropicana Field have a 35 foot, 10,000 gallon tank called the Rays Touch Tank that contains live rays that were caught in the Tampa Bay area. You can buy ray food and the proceeds benefit the Florida Aquarium. 50 people are allowed in the tank area at once, but it is free to all people attending the game. Even if you are not located near a MLB team, minor league games are just as fun.

3. Take a road trip.

Road TripYou don’t have to go anywhere to far, but pick a place that the family has never been to. You guys can all experience a new place together and explore what that city has to offer. While you’re on the trip make sure to try new things, where it’s trying a new food or trying a new activity, you will be able to build memories from experiences like that.

It doesn’t really matter what you do this month, just make sure you dedicate some time to fun and your family. You can even take a family trip to Harry’s! We’ve got something for everyone!

5 Favorite Products Picked by the Harry’s Staff

Harry’s has a ton of awesome products available online and in our store, but have you have wondered what our bestsellers are or which products the employees use? The answer is that our staff uses a variety of our products on a daily basis, but I have asked 5 of my fellow staff members to pick out their favorite product and to give us some insight as to why it is their favorite product.

1. Benchmade 15020-2 Bone Collector picked by Jordan

Benchmade Bone Collector

Jordan with the Benchmade Bone Collector

Here’s what Jordan had to say:

“I am a huge fan of the Benchmade Bone Collector 15020-2! It does a great job of combining modern functionality and old world charm. The cutting edge D2 blade steel offers an extremely durable yet razor sharp factory edge, and the AXIS locking mechanism gives some of the smoothest action I’ve seen in a folder. The walnut handle is simple, functional, and elegant. It looks great and fits comfortably in your hand. On top of all that you are getting a knife that is made in the USA, with a lifetime sharpening guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the knife through Benchmade. This knife is great for collectors and for people looking to put it to work. You really can’t go wrong with this knife and it comes at a great price of $132.99.”

Urban Go Pack

Andrew with the Urban Go Pack

2. Condor Urban Go Pack picked by Andrew

Andrew says,

“The Urban Go Pack has a simple, yet functional design. I like that the pack is made of a high quality nylon and has many practical features for everyday life including an independent pocket for a laptop. This pack has space for essential equipment like first aid kits. This bag can be used as a school bag or as a nice day pack for hiking.” 

3. Decorative Metal Signs picked by Carl T.

Historic Metal Signs

Carl T. with the some of his favorite signs.

Carl says,

“I like all the cool metal signs we have in the store. There’s so many cool vintage signs, everything from superheroes to classic military posters. We’ve also got some pin up girl signs! I love all the superhero signs and have more than a few hanging around my house. These signs are great for any man cave or collector of military memorabilia. And thanks to the never ending variety of signs, I never get bored with trying to figure out which one I’m going to buy next!”

Please note the selection we have online are just examples of what we have in store. We have over 50 different signs to choose from in our Dearborn location!

Bates Tactical Boot

Adam with the Bates GX-8.

4.Bates GX-8 Waterproof Side Zip Tactical Boot picked by Adam

Adam loves this boot because:

“This uniform boot is super comfortable and extra durable. At an affordable price you’re getting real leather, a GORE-TEX waterproofing system, and a slip resistant outsole. This is the perfect boot for people working in the first responder  field, like police or EMTs, or for anyone wanting a high quality black boot. The GX-8 is my kind of boot.”

5. Simmons 8 x 24 x 50 Zoom Binoculars picked by Carl Douglass (Available in store only)


Carl Douglass with his favorite binoculars.

Here’s what our most well known employee had to say about these binoculars:

“These Simmons Binoculars are my personal favorite! It has the capability of using them for sporting and casual events, they are also great for nature observation, like bird watching. The zoom offers you the opportunity to have multiple binoculars. They are durable and very easy to use.”

These are just five of the products adored by our staff. Stop by the store to check out everything we have to off and get more information on our favorite products. Our staff is highly trained and more than willingly to assist you in finding YOUR favorite product!


Camo is the New Black! Join the Camo Craze

What used to be just part of a uniform or something strictly for hunting, has become mainstream and part of pop culture. Camo is everywhere these days and with shows like Duck Dynasty, the camo trend probably won’t die anytime soon. If you are looking to join the camo bandwagon, but don’t want to limit yourself to the traditional camouflage military uniform or tactical backpack Harry’s is the place to go. We’ve got some unique products and some great ideas on how to incorporate camo into your life!

An easy way to bring camo into your home is with a blanket. We’ve got regular Pink Camo Blanketblankets in pink camo and woodland digital camo or you can get a snuggie style blanket. We’ve got those available in pink camo and ACU digital. These items make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Electric Blue Camo Shirt

Electric Blue Camouflage

Another easy and inexpensive to join the camo trend is a camouflage t-shirt. We’ve got the traditional camouflages like woodland, ACU, desert camo, and woodland digital, but if you are looking to stand out in a crowd, we’ve got t-shirts in electric blue camo, stinger yellow camo, savage orange camo, and ultra violet camo. These shirts start at $8.99 and most come in a extended range of sizes. We’ve also got shirts for the ladies! These shirts come in pink camo, woodland camo, and urban camo and have a more feminine cut.

If you are more into real tree camo, then you will be surprised and happy to know

Carhartt Jacket

Carharrt Work Camo Realtree Xtra

that Carhartt has developed a new line of outerwear featuring hats and coats featuring the Realtree Xtra camo pattern. These items are going to be available in store and online starting this fall, so check back with us around September or October if you are interested.

For a more creative way to wear camouflage, you can have camouflage nails. You can do almost any camouflage pattern on your nails! You can do it yourself ( this may take practice to get it right) or Camo NailsI’m sure you could find a nail salon that will do it.

You can find almost anything in camouflage so the possibilities are endless. Make sure you’re completely decked out in your camo garb when you settle down to watch the new season of Duck Dynasty August 14, several Harry’s employees will be doing the same, and make Harry’s your camouflage headquarters!

3 Delicious Camping Recipes for Your Next Camping Trip

We are in the middle camping season and I’m sure some of you are getting ready for your camping trip. Aside from the tent, sleeping, bags and camp chairs, you are going to need to pack food. That typically consists of burgers, hot dogs, and chips, but if you are sick of just doing the basics there ARE some more tasty options. We’ve put together a list of some awesome recipes that will be easy enough to cook at the campsite and will impress your taste buds!

1. Campfire Quesadillas

There is no particular recipe for this because each person can customize their own, so it’s perfect if you have a group of picky eaters. Here’s what you need:Campfire Quesadilla

A campfire

A grate to go over the fire

Foil to go over the grate

Flour tortillas

Shredded Cheese

The rest is completely optional. You can get a variety of sliced vegetables like onions, peppers, and mushrooms along with different meat. The grocery store has the pre cooked sliced grilled chicken and steak that would be perfect for this. Just have each person make their own and throw them on the grate. Cook them long enough for the cheese to melt and to get some grill mark and Voila! You have campfire quesadillas! Super easy to make and easy to store all the contents in a cooler.

2.Strawberry S’mores

If you have been looking for a twist to the traditional s’more then adding strawberries should do the trick and you could consider it a more “healthy” option. You probably know all the ingredients, but here’s how you make one:Strawberry Smores

1 Graham Cracker Sheet

2 Large Marshmallows

Half of a Hershey Bar ( or you could do half of a dark chocolate bar)

1 Large Strawberry cut into slices

Banana Slices (optional)

Break the graham cracker in half and layer the chocolate of your choice with the strawberry slices. You can add banana slices now if you want. Then it’s marshmallow time! Cook them to your liking. Some people like them lightly browned while others, like myself, need to have them burned crispy. Once you have the marshmallows cooked perfectly, put the marshmallows on top of the strawberry layer, then place the other graham cracker half on top of it. This seems simple, and it is, but it is super delicious and it is a nice change from the norm.

3. Breakfast Potatoes

Breakfast potatoes has been a staple in my breakfast routine for as long as I can remember. My mom would typically make them on the weekends and they are easy enough to make on a camping trip as long as you bring a skillets. The recipe provided is just a basic recipe and can be customized with different vegetables and seasonings. Breakfast potatoes require about 15 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of cook time. Also keep in mind this recipe makes 4-6 servings so you can adjust according to how many people you are cooking for. Here’s what you need:Breakfast Potatoes

A skillet

A spatula

A grate to place over the campfire


A knife

About 5lbs of russet potatoes, cubed ( This is typically about 6 potatoes depending on their size)

1/4 cup of olive oil

2 Tablespoons of butter or margarine

1 chopped onion

2 chopped bell peppers of any color, just use the one you like better. I prefer red.

2 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 Teaspoon of seasoned salt, I use Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

Salt and Pepper to taste

Place the skillet on the grate and coat the bottom of the skillet with a thin layer of olive oil. Add the onion and garlic and cook until tender this should take about two minutes. Then add the potatoes, peppers, and remaining olive oil, stir make sure everything is coated. Let the potato mixture cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then add a little water, about 3-4 tablespoons, cover with foil and let the potatoes steam for about 5 minutes. Take the foil off, add all the seasoning, and stir. Let the potatoes cook until they are brown and tender in the middle. This dish is great alone or along side other breakfast dishes.

These are just a few recipes to switch up the traditional camping menu. You can do a simple Google search and find hundreds of easy recipes for camping trips. Feel free to share any on your favorite camping recipes and if you need any new camping gear before you trip Harry’s has got what you need. Stop in or order online to get backpacks, survival gear, sleeping bags, and more!


5 Things You Never Knew You Needed

If you are anything like me, small mishaps happen throughout the day that you saying “I wish I had_____” or “If I had _____ then I could do this.” Sometimes all you really need is a small product that can take care of this small happenings. Harry’s has plenty of items to help with emergency situations, but we also have small items to help with day to day occurrences. Here are a list of 5 products that you never knew you needed. These products are super helpful to have around and they really can save the day!

1. McNett Gear Aid Zipper Repair Kit

One thing that can absolutely ruin your day is a broken zipper. You either can’t zip youZipper Repair Kit coat, jacket, or dress up or if you are trying to get it off the zipper gets stuck and you’re trapped. Outdoor gear and public safety gear also contain a lot of zippers that could potentially break. Who want to be on a hiking trip and have the zipper on your backpack break? No one wants that. An easy solution to all of these problems would be to invest in a zipper repair kit. Harry’s offer the McNett Gear Aid Zipper Repair Kit. This kit is inexpensive and has everything you need to fix a zipper. This kit comes with an expert repair guide that gives easy to use instructions, multiple zipper slide coils, and a sewing kit with thread, a seam ripper, and a sewing needle. Having a kit like this may not have crossed your mind before, but trust me this kit could really help with a wardrobe catastrophe or a gear malfunction.

2. Solar Cell Phone Charger

Solar Phone ChargerThis may not strike a necessary item to have, but you spend time outdoors on a consistent basis a solar power cell phone charger is just what you need. On a camping trip last year, everyone ended up plugging their phones into car chargers. This meant turning the cars on and letting them run. This is highly annoying. A solar charger would have been way more convenient. This particular charger  is MOLLE compatible so if you are hiking, biking, or camping it can strap down to a backpack. This is also good for power outages or for anyone looking to go green and conserve energy. The best thing about this solar charger is that it only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge your phone when the charger is in full sunlight.

3. Paracord

There are so many uses for paracord, it’s insane! Paracord or 550 cord has long been Paracordused in the military and has now become more popular with everyday people. People are using it to make everything from paracord bracelets to paracord dog leashes. You can also use it to tie down tarps, hang a hammock, use it as a pull cord for a lawn mower, creating a snare, make a clothes line, and so much more. The uses are really endless. It comes in a huge assortment of colors and is inexpensive to purchase.

4. Multi-Tool

Leatherman Multi Tool

Leatherman Rebar

A lot or people own multi-tools, but really EVERYONE should have one. They aren’t just for guys! I used a Leatherman multi-tool to put together two book cases last year. They are really super handy, especially if you don’t have a full set of tools. There is a variety of different types of multi-tools with many different tools attached to suit your needs. You could probably do a whole DIY project with just one multi-tool which is awesome and it takes up less space then a whole tool box.

5. McNett Seam Grip Sealer

This is truly a great product! The McNett Seam Grip Sealer can seal the seams on Seam Sealertents, tarps, backpacks, and rainwear while also permanently patching up holes and repairs tears. It can also be used on a variety of surfaces including nylon, vinyl, polyester, cotton, leather, rubber, canvas, and wood. The one ounce tube is the perfect amount to seal all the major seams of a standard two person tent. You can basically use this on anything that you need to stay dry like a tent or your gear bag. WIth so many uses on some many different surfaces, I am sure you will find something to use this for.

These are just five items that we carry that are great to have on hand. You can check out more awesome products online or instore!

4 Fun Outdoor Activities in Michigan for Everyone

The Detroit area has felt like Seattle recently due to the HUGE amount of rain we have been receiving, but the Harry’s staff firmly believes that we will get some sunny summer days soon! When those sunny days arrive, spending time indoors is absolutely unacceptable. Here is a list of some great outdoor activities that everyone will enjoy!

Golfing in Michigan1. Golfing

Golfing is a great activity for couples and for families ( if everyone is involved is interested ) and Michigan has been consistently ranked as one of the best places in the country to go golfing by numerous golfing magazines. Michigan has over 800 public golf courses all at varying levels of difficulty so there will be a spot for every skill level. The Pure Michigan website has an extensive list of golf courses and you can search by city or region making it easy to find a course near your home or vacation spot.

2. Fishing

I have talked a lot about hiking and camping in previous posts, but you can’t Fishing in Michiganlive in or visit Michigan without enjoying some of the fabulous fishing spots Michigan has to offer. Aside from the Great Lakes, Michigan has 11,000 inland lakes with hundreds or rivers, streams, and creaks. You can catch fish like salmon, trout, perch, and bass. Wherever you are in Michigan, you aren’t far from a spot to fish. You will need to get a fishing license to fish in Michigan, but it is fairly inexpensive. This is an activity that the whole family can easily enjoy and you can have a picnic while you’re at it.

3. Wineries

Michigan-Wine-TrailsIf you are looking for a trip or excursion just for you and your significant other or maybe you are planning a girls trip, visiting   a winery ( or 2 ) would make for a really fun trip. The best way to do it would be plan a trip around a wine trail. You can visit the Pure Michigan Wine Trail list to get some ideas. on where to go. Wine Trails are a great idea for a number of reasons. One, there are a number of wineries in the same general location making it super easy to visit more then one. Two, since these trails are located outside of the Greater Detroit area, you experience some awesome views of the wilderness and the lakes. Three, the area around the wine trails feature great restaurants, amazing shopping, and lovely places to stay. I highly recommend this option if you are looking for a relaxing getaway.

4. Diving and Snorkeling

Going diving or snorkeling is a great choice for all you water lovers out there looking for something a bit more adventurous than just going to the beach. The bottom of the Great Lakes is scattered with wreckage from lost ships, its like stepping back in time. A great spot to snorkel is at the North Point Wreckage in Alpena. Snorkeling is a lot easier than diving so it may be a better choice for families. Diving and snorkeling provides a fun, unique experience that can be a historical learning experience for the whole family.

Whether your looking for an adventure or a more relaxing experience, we urge you to get outside because this nice weather won’t last long. From hiking to camping to going to the beach, Harry’s has the gear you need to make your trip enjoyable. Get out and enjoy your summer!

Harry’s Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Zombies…..They’re coming! Everyone knows the apocalypse is on its way. ZombiesThe real question to ask yourself is “Are you prepared?”

We all know how to kill them, destroy the brain obviously, but do you have the tools or know how to really survive if they took over the world? The Harry’s team is extremely well versed on zombies and survival gear, so we’ve provided some tips and tricks to help you survive.


SOG Voodoo Hawk

The most important item that you need to have is a weapon. I am sure you’re thinking “Well I have a gun,” and yes that IS the obvious choice, but when you really think about it, is it the smartest choice? Not really. Guns are loud, which draws more zombies to you, and you WILL run out of ammo. A smarter choice would be a machete or an axe. No sound and they can be continuously used, though you may want to give a wash every now and then to avoid undesirable odors. Remember…AIM FOR THE HEAD!

Another thing you may want to consider would be the group of people you are with…if you are with a group. There are pros and cons to being in a group, small or big, and to being a lone wolf. I’m not going to say which would be better, that’s really a personal preference. If you do choose to go with a group, there are some “types” you may want to avoid. These people can often be annoying and extremely detrimental to the welfare of the group…here are some examples.

1. You may encounter someone in your group who claims to be a zombie expert. This person may or may not claim that for the following reasons…”They played zombie mode on Call of Duty so they FOR SURE know how to kill things” or  “They totally own every zombie movie ever made so they obviously know how to kill things.” This said person may be a Walking Dead fan and claim to be as awesome as main characters Rick or Daryl. In reality this person is NOT as awesome and would most likely freeze up if they actually had to kill something. If you are willing to put up with the constant know it all attitude that this person may have then by all means stay with this group.

2. The Loud Mouth. This is obvious. A loud mouth can potentially draw more zombies to your location. If they can’t keep their volume under control, then some other arraignments may need to be made for this person.

3. The Constant Whiner. The apocalypse will suck…for everyone. But inevitably there will be that one person looking for more sympathy then anyone else. This will get very old to hear. I would avoid this type at all cost.

Having a good supply of survival gear is key, but make sure you keep an eye on it…people tend to lose all restraint in a time of need so it could get stolen. In this array of goods should be a durable backpack to carry your stuff ( and to keep your hands free), a fire starter ( don’t make the fire too big though), water purifying tablets for clean drinking water, a good knife, a first aid kit, and multi-tool. Of course there will be room for more stuff maybe an emergency blanket or a poncho, really the choice  is yours. Just remember YOU will be carrying it, not anyone else so don’t make it too heavy.

Another good idea to increase your survival rate would be to get out of the city or suburbs and head to the country. Cities and suburbs are more densely populated and the chances of getting bit higher. The country has plenty of benefits including less people, more food sources, and open area. If you aren’t a country person, you better suck it up and get ready to live outdoors for a bit. It will be safer then being in heavily populated metropolis with zombies around every corner.

My last piece of advice to you would be “If all else fails, RUN!” If you’ve lost your weapon or a zombie horde is approaching and you feel like you are out of options, just run. Humans are faster that zombies (traditionally) so getting away should be feasible if you are in OK shape.

If you are looking for my zombie apocalypse gear or tips or even just some basic survival knowledge, stop in and talk to our sales staff. They will be sure to give you the best info and show you the most reliable survival gear, backpacks, and footwear so that you can be prepared! One day zombies may take over the world…..so please remember AIM FOR THE HEAD!


Reasons Why You Need a Tritium Military Compass

Proudly made in the USA, this military model tritium compass is rated as the best compass on the market! This compass was designed specifically to meet all of the needs of the United States fighting forces. This compass even comes with a carrying pouch, lanyard, and belt clip so that it is always protected and you can keep it close by at all times.


This compass would make a great gift for a soldier or could be used by campers and hikers while they are exploring the great outdoors. If you want to take a look at some more military novelty products, take some time to look through Harry’s and find the perfect gift!


Harrys Army Surplus