CIVVIES: Knives Out Outfit Collection


Carhartt Bankston Jacket Call us

Carolina Max 8-Inch Composite Toe Work Boots (LINK)

Seirus Switch Stripe Beanie (LINK)

CRKT Ikoma Fossil Knife (LINK)

Carhartt Leather Wallet Call us

Military Style Mini Alice Pack (LINK)

Jordan Craig Thermal Shirt Call us

Vintage Vietnam Era Woodland Camo Fatigue Pants (LINK)

You’ll be looking right sharp in the Knives Out Outfit Collection. The cold razor winds of winter won’t be able to stop you when you throw on your Carhartt Bankston Jacket. Layer it up with your super comfortable Jordan Craig Thermal Shirt, and top it all off with your cozy Seirus Switch Stripe Beanie. Well you’ve got the top half taken care of, but you aren’t exactly on the cutting edge of fashion without shoes or pants (there might very well be a market for that sort of thing, but that’s besides the point). Remedy the situation with a pair of Vintage Vietnam Era Woodland Camo Fatigue Pants and some crispy new Carolina Max 8-Inch Work Boots. And finally, the whole reason we named this outfit collection what we did, add the handsome CRKT Ikoma Fossil folding knife to your EDC kit and hit the road!

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