CIVVIES: Grunt Outfit Collection

grunt outfit collection

Vintage Olive Drab M-65 Field Jacket (LINK)

Bula Beanie Call us

AO Aviator Sunglasses (LINK)

Carhartt Wallet Call us

Desert Tigerstripe Camo T-Shirt (LINK)

Connectable/Standalone Tactical Day Pack (LINK)

Jordan Craig Cargo Pants Call us

Under Armour Jungle Rat Boots (LINK)

You’ll look like a perfect ten-hut in this outfit collection inspired by classic military style. Lace up your Under Armour Jungle Rat Boots and head out into that urban warzone ready for action. Between your Jordan Craig Cargo Pants and your Connectable/Standalone Tactical Day Pack, you’ve got the space you need to carry all the gear you’ll need on your mission. Oh and your pack has a whole MOLLE loop field across the front just in case you need to add any extra pouches. After all, a good soldier is always prepared. What would a military style outfit collection be without a Desert Tigerstripe Camo T-Shirt or the classic Olive Drab M-65 Field Jacket? Well, it wouldn’t be a good one, that’s for sure. Suit up, Grunt!

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