CIVVIES: Fear the Beard Outfit Collection

fear the beard outfit collection

Carhartt Chatfield Ripstop Shirt Jacket (LINK)

Multicam Patch Cap Call us

Grunt Style Fear the Beard T-Shirt (LINK)

Carolina Max 6-Inch Composite Toe Boot (LINK)

Vintage Parisian City Day Pack (LINK)

Carhartt Washed Twill Dungaree Call us

Bearded or not, you’ll look right hard in the Fear the Beard Outfit Collection, filled with items built just as tough as you. It might be cold outside, but you can take it. Hell, you wear shorts in blizzards. Though layers do make the man, and your burly Carhartt Chatfield Ripstop Shirt Jacket is just what you need to go with your hardcore Fear the Beard T-Shirt. Considering that the natural composition of your skin is a cross between iron and dragon’s hide, you don’t really need to wear boots. However you remember that time the sheer impact of your bare footfall cracked the foundation of your neighbor’s house, so you lace up your Carolina Max Composite Toe Boots to put some cushion between you and the unfortunately fragile planet you live upon. You know that you’re strong enough to carry all your gear by yourself, however you’ve found that it’s difficult to do most things when your hands are full. Load up your Vintage Parisian City Day Pack and be on your way.

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