EDC: Strong Everyday Carry Kit


AO Aviator Sunglasses (LINK)

Redline SE Flashlight (LINK)

Nite-Ize Ahhh S-Biner (LINK)

950 lb. Technora Survival Cord (LINK)

Carhartt Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Kershaw Chive Knife (LINK)

P-38 Can Opener


As the Boy Scouts say, “always be prepared!” That’s why you care about EDC right? The Strong Everyday Carry Kit has what you need. If you’re caught in the middle of a blackout, with 110 lumens of brightness, the Redline SE will help you find your way through the darkness and back to safety.  All of your electrical appliances are out so how’re you going to do something as simple as open a can?  That’s why you always carry your military P-38 can opener.  There’s a million and one uses for rope so why not stay prepared by carrying this tiny but strong Technora cord. This super thin cord can hold a whopping 950 pounds so whether you need to repel down the side of a building because the elevator’s out (and you’re just too cool to use the stairs) or just need to tie down some gear when loading up the car before a big trip, this stuff has you covered. Though what happens when you’ve reached your destination and you’ve tied the knots in your Technora cord a little too tight, and your stuff is held hostage? That’s why you have your trusty Kershaw Chive Knife to cut it all loose. After all that work, crack open a beer or something with your Nite-Ize Ahhh Bottle Opener, don your AO Aviators, kick back and relax.

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