EDC: Specs Everyday Carry Kit

Specs Everyday Carry

Luminox 3051 Wristwatch (LINK)

Nite-Ize Ahhh S-Biner (LINK)

Redline Select Tactical Flashlight (LINK)

Kershaw Leek Knife (LINK)

Nite-Ize Rugged Eyeglass Case (LINK)

You didn’t spend all the money on your lenses to have them be destroyed by the dog or mangled inside of your pockets, so check out the “spec”-tacular Specs Everyday Carry Kit (awful puns not included, at least not in the kit)! Yeah your glasses probably should be on your face, but then you wouldn’t have a use for your Nite-Ize Rugged Eyeglass Case! Now that your lenses aren’t horribly disfigured, the possibilities are endless. You can accurately check the time on your Luminox Wristwatch without squinting! Or even actually see what you’re cutting into while using your Kershaw Leek Knife! And this time it isn’t your hand! This calls for a celebration, so crack open your favorite beverage with your Nite-Ize Ahhh Bottle Opener and revel in your non-blindness. Your glasses case however isn’t large enough to store night vision goggles, so that’s why you have your Redline Select Tactical Flashlight to battle the darknessĀ  in the event of a blackout or other sightless situation with a crazy 310 lumens!

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