EDC: Forced Entry Everyday Carry Kit

Forced Entry Everyday Carry Kit

Smith & Wesson Expandable 12-Inch Baton (LINK)

AO Aviator Sunglasses (LINK)

Nite-Ize Sideways Clipcase – Medium (LINK)

Redline Select Tactical Flashlight (LINK)

Nite-Ize 25lb S-Biner (LINK)

Nite-Ize Black Keyring

Smith & Wesson MAGIC Knife (LINK)

It’s a crazy world nowadays, filled with equally crazy people. Every man as a right to protect himself. The Forced Entry Everyday Carry Kit has what you need to feel safe if you’re out walking by yourself, and make any punk who steps to you painfully regret that decision. So the sun has gotten low and the sky begins to darken. You’re making your way back to your car after a hard day’s work and all you really want to do is go home and watch TV. You flip on your Redline Select Tactical Flashlight and shine a ray of 310 lumens across your car’s interior, you can never be too careful. The coast is clear and you grab your car key from your Nite-Ize Keyring. All of a sudden some hood tries to take you by surprise, thinking you to be an easy mark. Show him just how very wrong he is by quickly extending your Smith & Wesson Baton and giving him a good whack across the back of the knees. He drops. Problem solved. You retrieve your phone from your handy Nite-Ize Sideways Clipcase and promptly call the police. Good thing this dude is such a noodle, or else he would have met the end of your Smith & Wesson MAGIC Knife.

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