5 Camping Essentials You Always Forget to Pack

The only bad thing about a camping trip is packing for one. In the midst of all the excitement of getting everything together for your outdoor adventure, it’s easy to forget the little things. Little things that can end up making a big difference when it comes to actually being able to enjoy yourself on your trip. Never fear, Harry’s is here to remind you of those camping essentials you always forget to pack.


bugsprayIt’s no wonder why good old bug spray tops this list of camping essentials. You’re sitting by the campfire or out fishing with the kids, minding your own business. All of a sudden a bunch of mosquitoes decide to attack you all at once, making that high-pitched buzzing noise in your ears and leaving behind irritating itchy spots from where they planted their blood sucking needle noses.

So lessen the chance of those tiny agents of Satan turning your relaxing time with Mother Nature into an awful itch fest, and remember to pack some bug spray! Harry’s stocks some affordable yet effective insect repellents, many of which go beyond keeping just mosquitoes out of your hair, but also other wilderness pests like ticks, fleas, gnats, and chiggers. Insect repellent isn’t just good for helping you to avoid annoying itchy bites, but also the nasty diseases the aforementioned pests can potentially carry!

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flashlightIt’s gonna get dark eventually, and out in the wilderness it gets DARK. Having a flashlight with you can come in handy when you need to look for something in your pack, head to the showers, or find a spot to do your business, especially if you’re roughing it in a tent. However even if you’re in a camper with all the comforts of home, it never hurts to have something to light your way in the middle of the night, you don’t want to flip on a light and wake up the whole family do you? Besides helping you find your way in the dark, flashlights are also great for nighttime fun. Organize a rousing game of flashlight tag, entertain the kids with some shadow puppets, or enhance your campfire ghost stories with some effect lighting!

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firstaidAccidents happen, and that’s why a first aid kit is part of the camping essentials. Plus it’s always good to have that peace of mind knowing you’re prepared just in case one of the kids scrapes a knee. They’re also great to have in your pack if you’re out hiking either with a group or by yourself and don’t have immediate access to medical attention if something happens. You can either get your standard first aid kit that usually come with several kinds of bandages, sterile pads, and ointment; or a more advanced trauma kit that usually comes equipped for more serious situations with things like a blood stopper kit, medical tape, and burn gel.

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Rope and paracord are camping essentials? You bet. While it may seem like a simple thing, you’d be surprised just how much you can use it for and how very handy it can be to bring along with you. The weather is unpredictable (especially here in our beloved Mitten State), and if you’re camping in a tent it can get pretty bad. Those little loops holding down your outdoor fort don’t always do their job, that’s where your extra rope or paracord can come in to save the day allowing you to reinforce your tie down job and keep your tent from blowing away in a nasty storm. Rope and paracord is also great for securing your gear for the ride to the campsite, especially if you need to haul things like bikes, small boats, or fishing equipment and your vehicle doesn’t have an equipment rack. The handiness potential of rope and paracord is endless.

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fireCampfires are not only a mandatory part of the whole outdoor experience, but they’re also essential for cooking, heat, and visibility. And if you’re campfire is the only source you have for those things, not bringing along extra fuel or firestarters can make your trip go sour very quickly. For instance, what if it rains and your tinder gets wet? We’ve got Micro Inferno Waterproof firestarters and Wetfire Starting Tinder Material to get one going. Have a portable stove? Well you need fuel for that if you want to eat, so pick up some of our Survival Stove Fuel Cubes or Gold Blaze Canned Heat Camp Fuel!

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