EDC: Chrome City Every Day Carry Kit

Chrome Everyday Carry Kit

Locked doors are no barrier if you’re holding the Chrome City Every Day Carry Kit. Slide the end of this lockpick gun into nearly any door lock, fire the trigger, and pretty soon you’re up to no good…or saving a family of 12 from a house fire. Sporting your AO Aviator Sunglasses, you’ll blend in when stealthiness is important, or at the very least look ultra sweet. With SpeedSafe assisted open technology, the Kershaw Leek is ready in a flash. Beyond all that, a man’s gotta eat. So chow down on the go with the Eat N’ Tool, which doubles as a wrench to take on small maintenance jobs on the fly. At a blindingly bright 250 lumens, the compact Redline Flashlight is a useful addition to your EDC. To top it all off, throw the Nite-Ize DoohicKey onto your keychain and whether you need to screw, measure, score, or just open up a beer at the end of the day, you’re covered!

Nite-Ize DoohicKey Key Tool (LINK)

Redline SE Flashlight (LINK)

AO Aviator Sunglasses (LINK)

Leatherman Skeletool (LINK)

Professional E-Z Pick Lockpick Gun (LINK)

Kershaw Leek Knife (LINK)

30 KiloNewton Locking Carabiner (LINK)

CRKT Eat N’ Tool (LINK)

All jokes aside, we do not endorse the use of any of these tools for nefarious activities. Please use your EDC responsibly.


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