Police Explorers Get Geared Up For A New Year

This time of year is always crazy, whether you’re a kid starting college or a parent navigating a new school year for your k-12 child. It can be even crazier if your child participates in youth programs like police explorers. Often times parents see these lists and have no idea where to get this stuff, but don’t fret Harry’s has got what you need and it won’t break the bank!

For those of you who don’t know what a police explorer program is, it is a group of young people ages 14-21 who share the same passion for law enforcement. The program is run through the police department and police officers hold different training classes to teach everything from how to do a traffic stop to negotiation tactics. The gear needed can vary from post to post, but the basics remain the same; uniform boots, handcuffs, and a flashlight. I’ve put together a small list to help point you new police explorer parents in the right direction when picking out gear.

Uniform Boots for Police Explorers

Police Explorer Boot Options

Bates Ultralite Uniform Boot

Uniform boots can vary greatly in price and while you don’t want to get the most expensive boot around, you don’t want to get the cheapest either. More than anything comfort will be a big choice when your child is choosing a uniform boot. Boots fit way differently than the athletic shoes they are probably used to wearing so it will take some time for them to get used to them. The boots also don’t need to be have a gazillion fancy features because they aren’t going to be wearing them everyday. The boot I recommend is the Bates UltraLite Tactical Sport Boot. The price point is super affordable as far as uniform boots go and Bates is a reliable brand in the industry. The boot was designed to fit more like an athletic shoe which will make transitioning to a uniform boot easier. You’re also getting a full grain leather upper which will make polishing these fairly easy and I am confident that uniform inspections will be in your future! It’s a great basic starter boot and though it isn’t water resistant, there is a water resistant version available for just a few dollars more which may be beneficial if you live in a state that gets a lot of rain. The last great feature is that there is a women’s version as well, so there is a wide range of sizes available.


Don’t be too concerned with this item…the handcuffs are going to be used for training purposes only, they won’t be arresting anybody anytime soon. Your explorer will learn to properly handcuff an assailant and will need to have them available during simulated training. The downside of this is that your son or daughter may start practicing these techniques at home on you or your other children…as the daughter of a police explorer coordinator and sister of a police explorer, this happened to me often. Make sure you have an extra cuff key laying around! A nice budget friendly handcuff is the Peerless Chain Link Handcuff. Peerless is known for their top of the line products and this more affordable model still delivers good quality.


Police officers have been moving towards rechargeable flashlights and maybe down the road you or your child could invest in one, but before you make that type of purchase it may be better to make sure your child is serious and committed to the explorer post. There are plenty of affordable flashlights available on the Harry’s site that would suit the needs of a police explorer. Streamlight is a great brand so if you are looking for a decent light take a look at the PolyTac. Its smaller and not as cumbersome as the traditional massive flashlights police officers carried.

Those are just three items that are typically needed for the police explorer uniform. There are of course other items that you’ll probably need like a duty belt, holsters for gear, and a duty bag to carry all of this stuff and Harry’s has all of that. If you are looking to become involved in a police explorer group or have a child that may be interested and you are in the Dearborn, MI area check out the Dearborn Police Explorers. Its a great post and they are very involved in the community. If you aren’t local, check with your nearest police department to see if they have a post. Learning for Life will also give you more info on exploring career groups.

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