Army Copying MultiCam with New Scorpion W2 Camo?

New small arms weapon, new camo…the Army is making some big changes! Earlier this spring we did find out that the Army was looking to replace the Universal Camouflage Pattern which is the digital camo pattern found on the Army Combat Uniform or ACUs. It’s common knowledge that digital camo is awful and that the Army should have never used it in the first place, there’s plently of “UCP Sucks” articles online if you need more info on why this camo pattern is terrible. If you aren’t very familiar with what’s going on lets get you up to speed….


The Army has been testing new camo patterns for about the past five years in hopes of find a superior replacement for the UCP. The Army wanted to replace the UCP with MultiCam which is a pattern developed by Crye Precision. MultiCam was selected to be used for the Operational Camouflage Pattern or OCP in 2010 and was given to the soldiers in Afghanistan. There were negotiations going on between the government and Crye Precision, but those went sour in regards to pricing. So the Army then decided to take an old camo pattern that Crye Precision created in 2002 under a government contract called Scorpion and improve to fit what the Army is looking for.



Present- Scorpion W2 Development

Fast forward to now….Up until the past couple weeks, the Army had been pretty tight lipped about what Scorpion W2 looks like. Full details have been revealed about the pattern and some say that the US Army’s new Scorpion W2 camouflage is almost the same as MultiCam. This is pretty smart on the Army’s part. They are taking the old Scorpion pattern and just improving, did we mention that MultiCam was based off of the old Scorpion pattern? MultiCam has also tested better than UCP during performance experiments making it very desirable. To top it all off, the Army has still been buying MultiCam gear, maybe in hopes that their Scorpion W2 pattern will mirror it so closely that they can keep the MultiCam items they already have. There hasn’t been much word on if Crye Precision is okay with this, though it is known that they have a team of lawyers to prevent uniform companies from making unlicensed products.



We will have to wait to see if the US Government and Jacob Crye battle it out to prove whether Scorpion W2 is a legal infringement on the MultiCam pattern.  What we do know is that the Army is going to end up with a superior camo pattern to better conceal them when out in the field. Should the Army have just bit the bullet and paid the price for MultiCam or was Scorpion W2 the way to go? We would love to hear some input on this!

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