Choosing the Best Hiking Backpack

Spring is the perfect time for hiking and whether you are just starting out with a short 4 hour hike or planning a 3 day trek, you are going to need a pack suitable to hold your gear.

Choosing the right the hiking pack is very important and your comfort level depends on it. We have put together a list of factors and features that you need to consider and look for when choosing your perfect pack.

1) Size- The size of the pack is going to depend on how long your hike is going to be. Make a list of all the gear you are planning on taking with you, that way you can estimate how much space you are going to need for your gear.

2) Weight- The weight of the pack is important. You don’t want something that is too light and may break, but you don’t want something that is overly heavy. Remember, you still need to fill the pack with gear and YOU are going to be the one carrying it.

3) Material- The material of the pack is important. Some materials are tougher and more water resistant that others, so think about how much and what type of gear you are bringing.

4) Comfort Features- Being comfortable while hiking will make your trip way better. Padded shoulder straps are always nice and thicker straps usually are more comfortable. Many packs can come with a waist strap, which helps even out the weight of the pack across your body. Waist straps can also come with padding. Manufacturers are also including padding on the back of the pack, so you can be as comfortable as possible.

5) Other Optional Features- Packs with rain covers are a great idea, especially if you are hiking during an areas rainy season. If you are doing an overnight hike, a pack with a specific “sleeping bag holder” would be useful. This ensures you have a specific spot for your sleeping bag and helps keep your gear organized. Another optional feature to look for would be a pack with a hydration bladder pocket. This feature is really a personal preference, ‘Do you want to carry a water bottle?’ or ‘Do you want to drink your water hands-free?’

We have also come up with a list of hiking packs that we feel are great options for hikers.

1) Advanced Mountaineering Tactical Backpack– What’s not to love about a tactical backpack with 4,000 cubic inches of space? This backpack prides itself on being large enough to hold all of your items while still remaining comfortable enough to carry on long hikes. This one is a definite must have, especially at a sale price of $84.99!

2) Advanced Multi-cam 3-Day Combat Pack-If you have a larger budget, this hiking pack is a great price at $119.99! This pack has enough room to carry equipment for 3 days worth of camping or hiking including a hydration pocket, MOLLE attachments, and a padded backing.

3) Looking to start out small? This Khaki Military Tactical Transport Pack is small enough to carry comfortably but large enough to carry all of your necessary equipment. This backpack is even water repellent and will keep all of your supplies dry despite rainy conditions! Perfect for anyone just beginning to hike as a hobby, this pack is only $49.95.

4) Condor Outdoor Compact Assault Backpack; this pack comes in a bright red, features multiple pockets for plenty of storage, a built in hydration pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps. Extremely affordable at $59.95!Advanced Mountaineering Tactical Backpack

5) Rapdom T-Rex Tactical Backpack-At 2,298 cubic inches, this pack is designed to haul all of your stuff for your adventure that can last a day or more including a hydration reservoir, multiple pockets, and is a great pack for the price. This is a quality pack at a good price of $134.95!

If one of these hiking backpacks doesn’t meet your needs, take a look at all of our Bags & Packs at Harry’s!

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