Quality and Reliability from Army Surplus Items

Military surplus items used to mean materials and supplies that military men and women would sell or get rid of as they were no longer needed due to discharge or retirement. These products were sold and resold at different surplus in and around military bases. Typical products usually did not consist of weapons, but these were occasionally¬† found. That’s what it used to mean. Not anymore.

Today, Army surplus stores, like Harry’s Army Surplus for example, sell high-tech gear, the latest in weatherproof clothes, survival tools and equipment and a host of other gadgets and outdoors equipment. Sure you can still find items like platoon patches and memorabilia and military uniforms, but that’s no longer the bulk of what these stores carry.

Collectors, survival experts and outdoors adventurous types are now the main frequenters of surplus stores because Army surplus shops provide the equipment and gear they need at great prices.

Clothing found at Army surplus stores has become so popular for its uses it has gone past the surplus market and entered the mainstream clothing market. Many fashion designers and retailers are mimicking surplus-style and are using similar materials to extend the longevity of their fabrics, but we all know there’s nothing like the original. Shop with confidence knowing your surplus gear, equipment, clothing and footwear is top-notch.

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