What Camouflage do Navy Seals Wear?

Camouflage is very important to nearly every branch of the United States Military. However, it is even more important for Navy SEALs who are often called in to carry out “secret missions” when they enter an area during the night and attempt to execute their mission without being seen.

Navy Seals Logo

Navy Seals Logo

All Navy SEALs are made familiar with the various types of camouflage that they have at their disposal during SEALs training. And many Navy SEALs believe that it is camouflage that has saved their lives during some very hostile missions.

So, what camouflage do Navy SEALS actually wear?  In the Vietnam War many Navy SEALs units wore camouflage clothing with tiger stripes. Very often, they also wore civilian blue jeans and rubber-soled high-top canvas sneakers for their patrolling missions.

Currently, Navy SEALS wear desert camouflage clothing if they are fighting in the deserts of the Middle East or woodland or digital camouflage clothing if they are conducting their operations in a forest.


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