Covert Style: Concealed Carry Clothing Becomes a New Trend

I recently heard about a New York Times article that talked about a new trend in tactical clothing. It’s being called “Covert Fashion”. The big idea behind it is taking everyday clothes like a pants, a jacket or shirt and including pockets on the inside that can hold a handgun. This is also known as concealed carry. While you won’t see this sort of fashion on your local supermodel, it has become quite the trend lately.

Concealed Carry Jacket

As evidence, we found that since 2005, google searches for the phrase “concealed carry” have more than doubled.

Harry’s Army Surplus has recently started carrying the new concealed carry vest which can function both as an every day vest or a concealed carry vest. In addition, you can now buy the 3 Season Concealed Carry Jackets in both Black or Khaki on our website.

Black Concealed Carry Vest
Khaki Concealed Carry Vest
Black Concealed Carry Jacket
Khaki Concealed Carry 3-Season Jacket

We plan to add more concealed carry items this fall. Sign up for our newsletter and keep your eyes pealed on this blog to hear about them soon.

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