Get the Best Tactical Pants for You

Tactical pants are cargo pants all grown up. More than just pockets, tactical pants are designed with functionality and durability in mind. Whether you are military, law enforcement, or a paramedic, you have probably had your eye on a pair of these amazing pants. What sets these pants apart from regular cargo pants? What features should you look for? Harry’s Army Surplus is here to give you the information you need!24/7 Cotton Tactical Pants

The first thing most people notice are all the wonderful pockets. Tactical pants are designed with use in mind, so there are many different pockets in all sorts of configurations. There are places for your cell phone, wallet, knives, flashlights, tools, pretty much anything you need there is a pocket for it.

Tactical pants are constructed to take a beating. Reinforced stitching and bar tack stitches help ensure the pants don’t rip easily. Bar tack stitches are used to strengthen stress points, preventing tears and rips in pockets or seams. Gussets are triangular shaped pieces of material sewn into places like the crotch to improve fit and movement. Areas of heavy wear such as knees and seat are usually double reinforced to reduce wear and tear. A few pants come treated with Teflon™ to prevent staining from coffee, water, or even blood.

Harry’s Army Surplus has a wide selection of tactical pants from Propper, Tru-Spec by Atlanco, 5.11, Tact Squad and more. Stop in or check us out online!


3 Responses to “Get the Best Tactical Pants for You”

  • Kevin says:

    Hey harry i like the selection on tactical pants you have on the site! One thing i wanted to know though was, the sizing chart for them. I live in Maryland and i am obviously going to order but i want to know that im buying the right size. On a normal pair of pants or shorts i buy 32′ so what i want to know what size would work for me?

  • Harrys says:

    The tactical pants run true to waist size so if you wear a 32 normally and want your tactical pants fit your waist the same way as your other pants, you should buy a 32. Many of our pants come in lengths as well and this measurement is also that same as your regular pants. We’re glad that you found the article useful. Thanks for your order!

  • Kevin says:

    What i forgot to add is that the pants are in x-small to 3xL. for example http://www.harrysarmysurplus.net/vintage-khaki-army-cargo-pants.html?lt_c=1&quickcart=1

    Which one of those would be a 32?

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