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Harry’s In-Store Weekly Specials for November 28th

Sorry, these deals have gone the way of the dinosaurs…

Get the Best Tactical Pants for You

Tactical pants are cargo pants all grown up. More than just pockets, tactical pants are designed with functionality and durability in mind. Whether you are military, law enforcement, or a paramedic, you have probably had your eye on a pair of these amazing pants. What sets these pants apart from regular cargo pants? What features should you look for? Harry’s Army Surplus is here to give you the information you need!24/7 Cotton Tactical Pants

The first thing most people notice are all the wonderful pockets. Tactical pants are designed with use in mind, so there are many different pockets in all sorts of configurations. There are places for your cell phone, wallet, knives, flashlights, tools, pretty much anything you need there is a pocket for it.

Tactical pants are constructed to take a beating. Reinforced stitching and bar tack stitches help ensure the pants don’t rip easily. Bar tack stitches are used to strengthen stress points, preventing tears and rips in pockets or seams. Gussets are triangular shaped pieces of material sewn into places like the crotch to improve fit and movement. Areas of heavy wear such as knees and seat are usually double reinforced to reduce wear and tear. A few pants come treated with Teflon™ to prevent staining from coffee, water, or even blood.

Harry’s Army Surplus has a wide selection of tactical pants from Propper, Tru-Spec by Atlanco, 5.11, Tact Squad and more. Stop in or check us out online!


Black Friday Weekend In-Store Savings

Black Friday Savings












We wanted to update all of our local friends on some great savings

we’re having this weekend. Sales start friday and are valid through sunday.

We will be open from 9 am to 9 pm on Black Friday….So, please feel free

to get your beauty rest.









These River’s End Work coats are an amazing deal and will make for a

great gift without breaking the bank. Get one while our supplies last.
















This is one fantastic deal. We guarantee that these

will go very, very quickly.

Composite Toe Slip On Shoe

 Composite Toe Slip On Boot

Plain Toe Slip On Shoe



















































Save on our most popular socks. They’re moisture wicking, warm, comfortable and they’ll

last years instead of just months. People who buy these socks once usually come back for more.

Other Great Savings:

Carolina Waterproof Linesman Boots: 40 % off
Ballston Black dri knit socks: Buy 2, Get 1 free
Bates Utility Crew Socks: Buy 2, Get 1 free
Any single Carhartt item over $50: take an extra $10 off your Carhartt purchase  with Carhartt Bucks
Military ammo cans: 10% off
Kids Military Toys: 20% off
Carhartt work gloves: 20% off
Dickies insulated work coats, vests and bibs overalls: 20% off
Dickies jeans: $19.99
Military baseball caps: 20% off
Black Law enforcement baseball caps: 20% off
Security badges: 20% off
Softshell waterproof and windproof vest and jackets from Pulse: $29.99 to $34.99
Dickies work pants: 20% off
Legacy jeans with free belt: reg $74, now $19.99
LaCrosse workwear rain bib: reg $59.99, now $29.99
Carhartt jeans: 20% off
All rope and paracord: 20% off
All winter knit hats and gloves: 15% off
Bagmaster nylon gun holsters: 20% off
All handcuffs: 20% off
Berne thermal lined hoodies and sweatshirts: 30% off
All CAT Clothing: 20% off
MRE individual Meals: 20% off
Mountain House Just in Case Survival Food Bucket: 20% off
All Sales valid in-store only between 11/23/2012 & 11/25/2012.
Discounts are below regular prices and are not valid in
conjunction with other discounts. Discounts valid on in-stock
merchandise only.




Black Friday Savings: Over 70% off select footwear, 25% off flight jackets, 15% off knives, 25% off tactical packs, $30 off mickey mouse boots, original swat boots & shoes over 70% off, 25% off p-coats from knox armory

How to Choose the Best Knife for You

Kershaw KnifeWhen shopping for a knife, the biggest question to consider is, “What will I be using the knife for?” Once you figure out the main purpose for the knife, it’s much easier to narrow down the specifics such as blade type and style. We’ll go over some knife basics and help you choose the right knife for the job.

Blade Type.

  • Drop-Point. This is a good all around blade suitable for many uses. Similar to a clip-point but with a more convex curve on the spine where it meets the tip of the blade. Stronger tip but not really good for piercing.
  • Tanto. This blade has sharp straight angles and a strong tip. Good for piercing.
  • Clip-Point. This blade is similar to a drop-point, but with a concave curve on the spine of the blade. One of the most popular styles for a reason, very versatile. Sharper tip makes for cutting in tight places or piercing.
  • Normal. A straight back and curving edge. Good for thrusting, chopping and cutting.

Blade Material.

Blade steels are usually different blends of stainless steel. Different alloys give benefits over plain stainless steel. Vanadium added to stainless steel improves strength and ease of sharpening. Carbon steel is stronger and tougher than stainless steel and easier to sharpen, however without the chromium of stainless steel it is more apt to rusting.  Manufacturers like to use their own custom blends of steel, so it’s advisable to check the blade material on a knife you are considering to make sure it will hold up to the job. Remember, no matter the material, a blade will dull with use.

Fixed or Folder?

Should you choose a fixed blade knife or a folding blade? It again depends on the use. A fixed blade knife will be stronger due to the fact that the blade is one piece and there are no joints or moving pieces. A folding knife may be more convenient since the blade folds into the handle making it smaller and easier to carry.

Serrated or Plain Edge?

Whether you want a plain edge or serrated blade depends on the type of cutting you are going to be doing. A plain edge is great for smooth cuts, slicing and piercing. A serrated edge is good for rough cutting and sawing. An all around compromise is a partially serrated blade, which gives more versatility.

Handle Material.

What kind of material the handle is made out of depends on preference. If you are going to be using your knife in damp environments, you might not want a stainless steel handle that is smooth. Handles are made in different types of plastic, metal, even bone or wood. The handle may be textured or smooth. Once again, it would depend on what you are using the knife for. If you are working around a lot of chemicals or blood borne pathogens, you would need something non-absorbent like metal, not wood. Metal handles can get colder than other materials, so if you are outdoors in the cold, a metal handle might not be the best option.

Harry’s Army Surplus has a huge selection of knives and tools fit for any job imaginable. Stop in or give us a call and speak with our highly knowledgeable staff, we’ll make sure you get the right knife for the task at hand.






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