The Importance of Clean Drinking Water

Contamination of oceans, rivers, lakes, and ground water is caused by a variety of different pollutants. Many of the pollutants that make their way into our water source are man made chemicals that are discharged into bodies of water, either directly or inadvertently. The majority of these chemicals are not only dangerous to the organisms living in these bodies of water, but also to surrounding nature, animals, and plants using these water sources for sustaining life.

Aside from the ecological threat chemicals in our water pose, we as a society have to be worried about drinking from such water sources unless we have taken the proper steps to purify and treat the water. Factories and industrial manufacturers are actually allowed by the government a certain amount of air and water pollution every year. This is why when you are hiking or camping, it is important to have some type of water filtration device on hand if you need to use water from a river, stream, or lake.

To remove the harmful effects of contaminated water for drinking, bathing, or cooking, the new AquaStar Plus water purifier is the way to go. This water decontaminator is a spectracidal treatment solution container that is ideal for any climate or setting. The UV-C portable water purifier by AquaStar uses a pair of standard CR-123 batteries, and UV light deactivation to significantly reduce the number of viruses and bacteria, quickly giving you safe drinking water, one liter at a time. The simple, lightweight, one-button water purifier can treat a liter of water in 80 seconds.

In addition to the AquaStar Plus purifier, the AquaStar AUX Power Kit provides you with an alternative running option using built-in batteries. The Aqua Star Plus water purifier comes with a wall adapter that fits North American outlets, and a cigarette lighter adapter for purifying on the go.

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