Give the Gift of Self Defense

Truly unique gifts are a pleasure to give and receive. You may spend hours trying to decide what the perfect gift is for a special occasion. One of the best gifts is one that is useful while providing protection to your loved one.

Pepper Spray iPhone 4 Case

Pepper spray is a self defense tool that is necessary for almost everyone. Harry’s Army Surplus carries one of the most unique and useful pepper spray tools around. The Sabre Smartguard Pepper Spray iPhone 4 case allows recipients to protect their iPhones and themselves.

The iPhone 4 pepper spray case is an excellent gift choice for:

  • Students
  • Runners
  • Young People
  • Moms
  • Anyone at All!

One of the best ways for a person to protect him- or herself is to have self defense spray ready for would-be attackers. Unfortunately, many of the people who carry pepper spray either place it in a hard-to-reach location or completely forget to carry it. With the Pepper Spray iPhone case, self defense is always close at hand. Better still, even though the pepper spray baton is conveniently located, it is also secure. This means that the user runs practically no risk of an accidental spray.

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