4 Reasons Your Mother’s a Better Soldier Than You’ll Ever Be

Your mother’s one tough mother.

She put up with you after all.  Doubt it?  Read on.

Mom Kicks Butt

1. As a kid, your mother was always your Last Line of defense:

If you had siblings, don’t tell me you never uttered the words “I’m telling mom”

2. A good soldier’s always prepared:

Think about trying to leave the house with a multiple children: Diapers, Baby food, wipes, Kid #1, Kid #2, favorite toys, cheerios, etc, etc, etc…Phew!

3. Your drill instructor’s bark wasn’t nearly as mind numbingly loud and annoying as hers:

(You, your brothers and sisters that is)


You no longer eat dirt, you made it through grade school and you’ve finally started taking showers on a regular basis.  In short, you’ve (hopefully) become a reasonably well adjusted person and that was her job.

Love your mom, respect your mom and treat her well on mother’s day (and every day after that).  We at Harry’s Army Surplus would like to thank all of you moms out there for your years of loving service.

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